Past Challenge (March 2019)

38 Day Hydration Challenge!


38 Day Hydration Challenge (March 6-April 13)

The challenge: Drink 100 oz of water everyday for 38 days.

This challenge will be run exclusively through our Facebook page. Simply click on this link, like us and join the challenge.  www.facebook.com/tacomanutrition 

  • Why 100 ounces? 100 oz is a great amount of water for MOST adults to drink on a daily basis. When you enroll in the challenge I will reach out to you personally and we can discuss if the 100 oz mark is appropriate for you. Hydration is the foundation of our health! If we aren't getting proper hydration, we will never be able to optimize our health. Throughout this awesome challenge I will be hitting you up with all sorts of wonderful hydration facts to help you understand the true importance of proper hydration. 
  • Why 38 days? In honor of my 38th birthday. Let's make the first 38 days of my 38th year great together!
  • Side hustles! during this challenge I will be offering up smaller secondary challenges, I like to call "side hustles". These side hustles will help you get even more out of the primary challenge. 
  • Prizes! Each day that you check in with your progress you will be entered to win prizes. That means if you check in all 38 days, you will have 38 chances to win! Side hustle check in's count too, so make sure you play along. I understand that you may not be able to check in everyday, just track your progress, and when you do get a chance to check in we can update it at that time. Prizes will be announced soon.
  • Remember, we are striving to get better, and none of us are perfect. Please check in with your daily water intake even if you didn't meet your goal. 


Past CHALLENGE (July 2019)

Plastic free July! Take a month to do a "plastic audit".

How much plastic are you purchasing and throwing away? Can you reduce that amount? I know you probably recycle. But, did you know up to 90 % of what gets recycled actually ends up in the landfill of our waterways. 

This month try to remember your reusable water bottle and coffee cup. Take some real cutlery to work, so you don't have to use plastic stuff.  Refuse plastic bags (even when shopping for produce).  Try using reusable containers with lids instead of plastic bags. These are small changes we can all make to celebrate Plastic Free July!